I Am Not A Hand Bag

3 Day-Packs That Got Our Attention

Day-Packs-940x495Back to practicality. In today’s article I’d like to review day-packs. They are not handbags, but serve the same purpose and beyond. My daughter, Nika who attends Boulder CU wouldn’t be without her day-pack. Naturally, there are dozens and some that are tendier than others, so I enlisted her help in finding just the right ones to tell you about. Seeing the world from a 19 year old perspective helps me to give a more objective report. After all is said and done, I lean towards fashion while my daughter sees functionality first, and fashion second.

We make our choices depending on the activity we are heading out for. If you are a campus crawler, or a world traveler, a city cruiser or a car pooler, the day-pack has to be specific for your needs. There are heavy duty day-packs for outdoor adventure and quaint day-packs for investigating a new city via your local waterloo limo company. The occasion dictates the need. The following are very popular on campus among students and professors alike.

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Let’s Talk High End

Hermes Birken bagOnce in a while I go off a deep end and let my imagination soar to heights of unbelievable limits. Like recently when I saw a small news clip featuring million dollar handbags. My jaw dropped at the thought, but then the fun started to set in. My articles are usually so very practical from a lowly mortal who grapples over a $225 bag from the Macy’s counter.

Normally I leave the Hermes and Mouawad bags to be reviewed by someone else and stick with the basics in regards to our accessories. However, on occasion I cannot resist the impractical and even the obscene, ridiculous and immodest. In this writer’s opinion, these are words that best describe handbags with price tags usually reserved for more than your average residential plumbers salary.

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