I Am Not A Hand Bag

3 Day-Packs That Got Our Attention

Day-Packs-940x495Back to practicality. In today’s article I’d like to review day-packs. They are not handbags, but serve the same purpose and beyond. My daughter, Nika who attends Boulder CU wouldn’t be without her day-pack. Naturally, there are dozens and some that are tendier than others, so I enlisted her help in finding just the right ones to tell you about. Seeing the world from a 19 year old perspective helps me to give a more objective report. After all is said and done, I lean towards fashion while my daughter sees functionality first, and fashion second.

We make our choices depending on the activity we are heading out for. If you are a campus crawler, or a world traveler, a city cruiser or a car pooler, the day-pack has to be specific for your needs. There are heavy duty day-packs for outdoor adventure and quaint day-packs for investigating a new city via your localĀ waterloo limo company. The occasion dictates the need. The following are very popular on campus among students and professors alike.

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